My inverter keeps on switching itself off

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If a large system most likely that there is too much power being generated from too many panels and the Inverter preserves itself by shutting down. Ask what size Inverter and how many panels and wattage of each panel. Refer to User Manual and do calculation by taking Max Input Power compared to Max PV Voltage divided by number of panels i.e Max Input Power is 5.4kW and the Inverter Max PV Voltage is 550v with 20 panels @ 410w each in array. Max Input Power 5400w. 20 x 410 = 8200 and Max PV Voltage is 846V so far too high input wattage and voltage. Advise client that they should contact original installer as the number of panels is too high for the Inverter. Either larger inverter or less panels on system. Installer action not VTAC

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