How to Create a Plant on Solarman App?

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Create a Plant step

  • Step 1: Enter the Create a Plant page
    Please log in to the account you just created and click step by step【Monitor】—【Plants】—【Create a Plant】Or directly click the "+" button in the upper right corner of the page to select【Build Plant】go to Plants Page.

  • Step 2: Enter Plant Info
    1. Enter basic Info
    Please follow the prompts to complete the basic information of the power station: name of the power station, location of the power station, area, address, latitude and longitude, among which the items marked with an asterisk are required, and the more complete the other information is, the more convenient it is for you to manage the power station.

    Go to Location field and search, system will automatically fill in the details according to what you enter.

    2. System Info
    Please enter Plant Type, System Type, Capacity, Azimuth, Tilt Angle, and Commissioning Date here.
    Note: SOLARMAN Business will display plant layout according to System Type, and analyze plant data according to Capacity, please enter the fields correctly.
  • PV+Grid: Display power generation data, such as power generation and power generation.
  • PV+Grid+Consumption: Display power consumption and grid data on the basis of power generation data, such as power consumption, power consumption, grid power, grid connection and power purchase.
  • PV+Grid+Consumption+Battery: Display energy storage data on the basis of power generation data, power consumption data and grid data, such as battery power, charging capacity and discharge capacity.

    3. Yield Info and Owner Info
    Please enter Yield Info and Owner Info here.
    Note: Please double check the Currency field cause it will influence yield calculation.

    4. Complete creation
    After completing the power station information, please click the 【Save】 button in the upper right corner of the page to complete the creation. You can directly add devices and authorized users on the power station creation success page.
  • Step 3: Add a Device
    As shown in the picture, please click "Unfold" in the "Add a New Gateway/Logger" column, and click the "+SN" button; fill in the serial number of the device you want to add in the pop-up dialog box, and click again Click the 【Add】and【Done】buttons to complete the addition.

    Tip: If the device is Logger (WiFi), network configuration is required. Please configure at SOLARAM Business App first.
  • Step 4: Authorize Users
    As shown in the figure below, please click "Unfold" in the "Authorize Users" column, and click the "+Users" button, you can choose to add an existing user or create a new user to complete the power plant authorization, which is convenient for end users to view.
  1. Create a New User
    Please click on the "Authorize Users" column as shown in the figure below【Unfold】-【+Users】-【Create a New User】Perform user authorization.

    Please complete the user information according to the prompts in the interface for creating a new user. After completing the user information, click the 【Save】button in the upper right corner to complete the new user creation.
    Note: Different external roles that you authorize to new users will give them different permissions.

    2.Download SOLARMAN Smart APP or enter SOLARMAN Smart Web
    After completing the creation of the end user, please ask the user to search for "SOLARMAN Smart" in the APP Store or Google Play or enter in the browser, download the APP or enter the URL, and use the terminal you created for him User mailbox (or mobile phone number) and password login.
  2. Search for System-wide Users
    Please click on the "Authorize Users" column as shown in the figure below【Unfold】-【+Users】-【Search for System-wide Users】Perform user authorization.

    In the pop-up dialog box, enter the user's relevant information (name, email address, mobile phone number, etc.) to search and select the target user.

    Select an external authorization role: In the pop-up window, click the 【Please Select】 button as shown in the figure below to select an external authorization role; and click the 【Save】button in the upper right corner to complete the authorization.
  • Step 5: Complete the configuration
    Finally, click the【Done】 button in the upper right corner to complete all the above configurations.

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