Solarman Authorization

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In the Authorization module, you can see the authorization information of the current power station, and support such functional operations as adding authorization, revoking authorization, and switching identities. Then, according to the classification of power station permissions, it can be roughly divided into two categories: power stations created by yourself and power stations authorized by others.

Authorization Classification

  • 1、 Self created plant
    Through the authorization steps on the following page, you can authorize the power station to some merchants who serve you, and the authorized merchants can view the data and operate the equipment of your power station.
    The scope of authorization of the merchant depends on your identity:
    (1) Give the merchant the identity of "Organizational Member", and the merchant can view all data of the power station
    (2)The identity of the merchant is "Admin", and the merchant can view all data of the power station and operate the power station and its equipment
  • Add incidence relation: When your power station needs collaborative management, you can select the【Add incident relationship】button at the upper right corner to jump to the corresponding Plant Authorization page. Please complete the authorization operation according to the process.
  1. Please enter the name or keyword of the merchant
  2. Select authorized merchants
  3. Please assign the merchant authorization identity
  • Switch: When you are the admin of the power station and want to adjust the identity of the authorized merchant, you can select the【Switch】button in the operation bar to jump to the identity switching page and support identity switching, as shown in the figure:

  • Undo: If you need to cancel the authorized merchant, you can select the【Undo】button in the operation bar, and a prompt pop-up window will appear on the page. Select Confirm to cancel the authorization of the merchant, as shown in the figure:

  • 2、 Merchant authorized plant
    Currently, businesses are supported to authorize power stations to users, and users can view data and operate functions of power stations authorized by businesses, but only within the scope of permissions allowed by businesses.
    If you don't want to pay attention to this power station, you can click【Delete】as shown in the figure below.
    Note: For the power station authorized by the merchant, the user can no longer authorize the power station to others

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