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After the plant is created, you can add a logger. Logger can collect running data from PV devices and upload to server, which enables a full understanding of PV plant running status and revenue information. Furthermore, SOLARMAN Smart will determine whether the plant is running normally, which avoid property losses caused by device failure and other reasons.

Operation guidance

Step 1: Select Add a Logger

  1. If you have created multiple photovoltaic power stations, please select the specific power station where you want to add equipment before adding a logger to avoid data confusion caused by adding equipment to the wrong power station and affecting your judgment on the operation of the power station.
  2. Click the【Add a Logger】button after selecting the appropriate power station according to the guidance shown in the red box below.

Step 2: Enter Logger SN

On the "Add a Logger" page, please enter the serial number of the collector of the photovoltaic power station. SN can be found on the product box. If the product box has been lost, you can find SN on product body.

Step 3: Select the association method

When adding a collector, you need to select the association method of the equipment that is physically connected to the collector. The system will add the equipment to the power station according to the association method you select. You can select two association methods, Auto selection and Manual selection.
Note: Once the association method is selected, it cannot be changed. If there is no special requirement, it is recommended that you use the default "Auto selection"

  1. Automatically select the associated equipment. The default association method is "Auto selection". After using this method, the connected equipment under the collector will be automatically added to the power station, and the equipment data will be automatically synchronized to the power station.
  2. Manually select the associated equipment If you select "Manual selection", you need to manually add the equipment that has been physically connected under the collector to the power station. If some equipment is still not connected to the collector or the collector communication is abnormal when adding, you can manually add it again in the equipment information of the power station after the equipment works normally.

Step 4: Complete adding Logger

After the addition, you can see the data related to the gateway/collector in the【Device】module of the power station. If your device is not configured for collector networking or communication is abnormal, you can click【Start】to operate according to the guidance.

Step 5: Logger networking configuration

Please check the following precautions for the collector networking configuration, click【Next】after confirmation, and complete the corresponding configuration according to the prompts.

  1. Step 1:Go to wireless network list and connect to "AP_123456". (123456 is logger SN.) The connection may require the password, you can find it on the package.
  2. Step 2:Open the browser and enter "". When connecting AP network, authentication is required. (Default account and password are admin.)
  3. Step 3:After entering Web configuration page, please go to quick configuration/networking menu and follow the prompts to complete networking confuguration.
  4. After the online configuration of the collector is completed, it means that the logger has communication capability and can transmit the collected data of power station equipment to the server. At that time, you will be able to view the relevant data of the power station on the Web platform of SOLARMAN Smart.Due to the network and server connection reasons, after the collector is configured, you need to wait 5-10 minutes to see the normal data display.

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